Frontline Ambulances

Frontline Ambulances

When your emergency crew is the first to respond, you need an ambulance that is frontline ready — built from the tires up to handle the most basic needs. Frontline Emergency Vehicles, a new brand of REV Group, Inc., a leader in manufacturing ambulances, answers that demand with the Frontline M1 Type I and Type III ambulance.

Quality should never be an option in the ambulance industry. No matter the price. Frontline prides itself on durability. The M1 has passed a number of tests, including a modular body drop test, a side-impact crash test and a frontal-impact HYGE sled test.

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The Frontline Difference

A frontline-ready ambulance — just like a tank — needs to be as agile as it is durable. From interchangeable components to easy-to-service features, the M1 model is one of the most versatile ambulances on the market to maximize the effectiveness of your fleet.

No one knows ambulances better than REV Group. Frontline builds its products on decades of company knowledge to bring you a cost-effective ambulance with thoughtful first-response features. Ready for a frontline-ready emergency room? Look to M1.

Frontline Ambulances